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About Hemn Group

Hemn Group (HG) is one of Kurdistan and Iraq’s most valuable and well-established corporations. With proven competencies in property, industrial and infrastructure projects, the Group focuses on providing high levels of design, build quality and timely delivery. Established in 03-04-1986 by Khalid Khoshnaw, Hemn Group currently has over 3,100 employees. A pioneering developer of integrated planned communities, and a leading player in both public and private sector works in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the group has enhanced the quality of life of many people throughout the territory. Our plant and equipment business supplies Hemn Group’s wide range of construction and infrastructure projects with all necessary materials.

Our diverse fleet of heavy equipment includes general earth-moving and excavation equipment and articulated dump trucks. Serviced and maintained in-house, this is one of the most comprehensive fleets in the Kurdistan Region. The Group owns and operates a plant that manufactures cement, concrete, building elements and asphalt, as well as providing comprehensive fuel supply and fuel management services for the Group’s construction and infrastructure projects. Health, safety and the environment are fundamental elements of the company’s approach. In recent years we have developed communities, established industrial plants, built roads and highways, and provided thousands of jobs opportunities for young people..

Our Experiences

High End Residential Experience

  • Italian City 1 in Erbil is a 750 home subdivision
  • Italian City 2 in Erbil is a 1,800 homes subdivision
  • Barzan District Housing is a 500 home subdivision.

    Directorate General of Intelligence and Security compound is in Baghdad across from the Green Zone.


    Kirkuk Regional Air Base (KRAB) is located in hostile oil rich area of Kirkuk.


    Italian City Hotel,The Business Center,The Panorama complex.


    Pre Stressed Hollow Core Concrete Factory,ESP Building Panels,Concrete Block Factory,BRC Mesh Factory,Cement Production Factory ,Pre-fabricated Structural Concrete ,Pre-fabricated Structural Concrete ,Crush Plant,Asphalt Plant ,Cladding Factory .

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    About Hemn Group

    Hemn Group (HG) is one of Kurdistan and Iraq’s most valuable and well-established corporations.

    Phone: +964 751 000 4444

    Our Branches
    • Erbil
    • Duhok
    • Dubai
    • Turkey

    Ankawa Erbil

    Kurdistan Region, Iraq