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Cutting-edge research in new enhanced materials, advanced smart sensing, and life-cycle management will provide the technology needed to construct more durable, maintenancefree structures, and to rejuvenate and extend the life of older structures. Nondestructive evaluation techniques suitable for in-field construction, quality control, and structural integrity assessment of large structures will be developed. Reliable, inexpensive, rapid, automated inspection techniques will emerge as well. To optimize the safe operation of civil structures with a minimum of expense, it will be necessary to develop innovative, built-in remote monitoring systems for highway bridges using state-of-the-art sensors, telemetry, recorders, and analyzers. Such systems will yield complementary data on anomalies, bridge traffic, and project-life estimation, as well as management and maintenance planning for the structure. The data will be read out remotely on demand and transmitted to a central monitoring station.

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