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Frequently, products in arid treatment installations need to be washed, whatever these are from quarries or gravels. The most representative washing case of aggregates is for sand, where traditionally washing waterwheels and worms were employed. The use of hidrocyclones or hydraulic cyclones in sandwashing equipments is the most efficiency method for an optimum sand washing process because it lets to remove the fraction below 63 microns without losing fines, as happens with waterwheel and worms. Based on the specific requirements of your project we will develop an intelligent and honest appraisal of your needs coupled with details of how we believe our equipment can help address the operational issues you are currently facing. Some of the issues we are addressing on a daily basis for our customers include:

  • Loss of quality fines to your settling ponds
  • Clay contamination of your feed material
  • Organic contamination of your feed material (leaves, roots etc)
  • Efficient removal of minus 63 micron / 200 mesh material from your sand and aggregate products
  • Recycling of more than 95% of process water for recirculation
  • Elimination of the requirement for settling ponds / lagoons. Blog-post Thumbnail
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